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A temporary residence permit (usually called "posvidka") is issued for a period of 6 months to 3 years and has no restrictions on the length of stay in the country or the number of border crossings.

Grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit (posvidka):

The law provides for a list of grounds, among which the most popular among foreigners are:

  • employment
  • starting a business in Ukraine
  • marriage with a citizen / citizen of Ukraine
  • Studying at the University
  • other grounds

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, it is necessary to submit to the Migration Service at the place of future registration a package of documents provided for by law.

Our experts will help you to get a notarized translation of your passport into Ukrainian and medical insurance without any extra hassle, as required by law.

The Migration Service checks the documents provided, as well as the grounds for staying in Ukraine and within 15 working days gives an answer on the issuance or refusal to issue a residence permit.

If the term of the residence permit expires, or the grounds for obtaining a residence permit have changed, it is necessary in advance, at least 15 working days in advance, to apply with the relevant documents to replace the residence permit. Otherwise, the grounds for staying in Ukraine will be lost, and you will have to leave for another country, get a visa again, and get a residence permit again.

Why is it worth contacting KingLex Law Firm for help in obtaining a temporary residence permit?

This procedure, like other bureaucratic mechanisms, is often burdened with additional nuances, the resolution of which has been worked out by our specialists for years. We accompany our clients at every stage, always in touch and fluent in English, so we guarantee that obtaining a temporary residence permit will be as comfortable as possible for you.

We draw your attention to the large number of scammers who profit from the lack of awareness of foreign citizens. Refer to trusted firms. Satisfied clients recommend us!

If you want to get a temporary residence permit in Kharkiv with full support from English-speaking specialists, contact Law Firm KingLex!

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